Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Figures!

Lately I've been playing a lot with color in my figure drawing class. I bought this great 12x18 sketchbook over the summer that has five or six different toned pages throughout it, and I've been on a real "toned background" kick lately. Almost all of these were done in colored pencil (with the exception of the graphite one of James toward the bottom).

For each of these, I typically only picked up three colored pencils that I thought complimented the lighting and skin tone for the pose. The only "problem" was that I kept finishing these before class was over, so I'd grab a few more and chroma the hell out of it (can chroma be a verb? I'll say yes). So far, I've liked each sketch more once I revisit it with more color options, but I really should start limiting my palette a bit on at least some drawings.

More images after the jump!


Anonymous said...

Outstanding pencil work, I like what your doing with the color pencil on tone paper, your achieving some nice effects.

Eric Alessandrini said...

Thanks Patrick, I appreciate it!

Mike Puncekar said...

AH DANG! These are super awesome. The flesh tones on the last one especially. How on earth you are achieving such effects I have no idea. Do not stop. Ever.