Tuesday, November 17, 2009

IlluXCon 2009! - Part Two

Well, back again to bring you the rest of IlluXCon 2009 through my eyes. This demo was done by Dan Dos Santos. He seemed like a pretty down to earth kinda guy. He did this oil painting over a pencil value sketch, and I think the technique ended up looking amazing! I've gotta try it sometime. I snapped the image below when it was about 90% finished. He went back in afterward to add some highlights on the shoulder and in the hair to tie everything together, but I unfortunately didn't get a shot of it completed.

And finally, I can't even begin to explain how detailed these bigger-than-life figures by Tom Kuebler were. They were actually scary to get within a foot or so of, especially the transvestite figure below. I felt as though she was gonna spring to life and cut me.. no joke! These were, of course, finished pieces and not demo's done in two hours like the other images I uploaded.

Overall, the show was great! I ate some amazing food, got relatively lost with my friends in the hilly city of Altoona, and learned a helluva lot about painting. Some other great illustrators I didn't get any shots of that I met were Ian Miller, Justin Sweet, L.A. Williams, Volkan Baga, Dave Leri, and many more, including CCAD's own Joe Kovach and Eric Fortune. Check them all out, it'll be worth it! Now back to reality, where my in-progress works all look like crap compared to these pros!

*None of the work published in this post is my own. I merely took the pictures.

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