Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Standup Quotes

So let me start off by apologizing for the incredibly long break between my last post and this one. It's been a very long semester, and finding free time has been a bit hard. But hopefully I'll be updating fairly frequently now. I've got quite a bit of work to show off, so I think I'll start off with a poster series I started recently.

These poster's were a lot of fun to create. The series consists of quotes from famous standup comedians. To start off the series, I chose my two favorites: Jim Gaffigan and Ellen Degeneres! The Gaffigan quote is from Beyond the Pale and the Degeneres quote is from Here and Now. Both are amazing specials that are definitely worth picking up.

The posters themselves aren't designed for any specific purpose. They're really just for those that love the comedians. If I get enough requests, I may put them up for sale. I think the Jim Gaffigan one would especially be great for around Independence Day!

It probably won't be until late May that I take the next step in the series, but I'm thinking Mitch Hedberg for the third. I'm definitely open to suggestions though, so lemme hear back from ya!