Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Portrait Drawing

Sorry for the long gap in between my last post and this one. I've been busy working on a redesign for the blog. It'll be up and running fairly soon. My goal is by next Sunday night (Nov. 1). In the mean time, here's my latest drawing from Kortlander's class. I tried to go somewhere in between realism and illustrative proportions.

See you soon with a brand-spankin-new look!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tattoo Reminder - Step By Step

So my first project in illustration class is finally finished. The main concept of the project was that a magazine was doing an article on the twenty most "American" jobs, and each person in the class was to do an illustration in their own style with their take on the job. I luckily got the tattoo artist, and decided to go semi-humorous. My final is of an artist taking a call from his wife/girl-friend and she's telling him to pick up the laundry for her, so he's giving himself a tattoo to remember. Here's my entire process:

First I have the line drawing. Then to make sure its got a good value structure, I did a colored pencil and acrylic sepia study overtop on coldpress illustration board. Finally, I did something a little different for me. I went into the computer and digitally added color, as well as overlaid certain parts of the original line drawing to give it a little oomph. I chose a complementary color scheme of blue-green and red-orange to highlight certain areas over others, and to play with both warm and cool lighting. We're still technically doing one more step where we place it in a magazine ad, and I'll post that next week once I finish it up.