Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mechthreads Website

It's the last project for the last class of my last semester, and I actually like it! You get this far in and just kinda think to yourself that you'll slack at the end, BUT NO! I had a lot of fun working on this website.

Mechthreads is a site that reviews the design of gadgets. I feel like manufacturers get a lot of feedback on what they left out and what they need to change on their products, but they rarely get feedback on the industrial design of the hardware and layout of the software. Mechthreads would be the site to fill this void. If I wasn't looking for a job in advertising and graphic design I'd go live with this site right away (that is if I could get the funding to start it up).

I also created an ad series that I should have up on my website this weekend. It was pretty fun as well, but the main goal for me was to get the layout and design of the website perfected. I hope you all like the concept, design, and layout. I'll be back with a few more posts over the next few days, so see you again soon!

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