Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Figure Drawing Wrap Up

So here's day two's post (although I may be a few hours late). It's pretty much the last stuff I did for figure drawing. It's strange to think that I'll never have another figure drawing class at CCAD. They were always my favorite classes to take. But anyway...

The first image was the final drawing I did for the class. I used my dad as a model and illustrated what typically happens when you text and drive; a crash. I originally was going to do a limited color palette drawing, but after putting down the first coat - call it laziness, call it a happy accident - I was happy with it. Looking at it now, I think I might go back into it and add a light, a dark, and one or two colored tones. I dunno... opinions? Mr. Kortlander said keep it the way it is, but it's my portfolio, and I think I could use another drawing that has a decent finish to it.

The rest of these images were just outta my sketchbook in class (or just for fun at home). I think you can tell the difference.

I should have another post up by the end of the day. Until then, goodnight!

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