Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Painting Course Finished

Well, I'm officially on summer vacation now. Woohoo! I ended up finishing my painting/illustration today in class, and boy was it exciting to remove the tape! Sorry for the picture, but it shines in every direction except this one. I'll have a scan up within a week or so once it's dry.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with it, and thanks to everyone that gave me feedback on it. If I didn't take your advice, don't take it personally. I was looking more for what you didn't see rather than what you did. Oh, and it's oil on watercolor paper. I can't remember the exact size, but I'll measure it when I scan it in. Happy Summer Everyone!!


krysti said...

go eric! it looks great from what i can tell. can't wait to see it scanned in! :) have a great summer buddy! i better get to see you in cbus.

Eric Alessandrini said...

thanks! and we'll definitely be hangin out down here.

Bernadette said...

this turned out really nice Eric, I love your background color