Monday, May 18, 2009

Last Portrait Painting & First Day of Summer Painting!

So the semester's finally over! BUT, I've still got summer class. Luckily, for anyone who cares, I'll be posting a lot of the work I do during my two week painting course. Today was the first day, and so far the class seems like it'll be pretty great. We're allowed to do pretty much whatever we want. The first half of class, I did an underpainting of a figure seated with a few extra chairs around him, just to get in the habit of painting early (class starts at 8am). After lunch, I tried thinking of what I'd do for an illustrative painting, couldn't think of anything, and eventually decided to just sketch the second model a bit and play with some acrylics in my fake moleskin sketchbook.

The first two images on this post are of the last painting from Jason Clary's portrait painting class. We ended up having one less day on it than originally pitched, and the main model in my shot didn't show up one day, so I didn't get quite as far into it as I'd hoped, but I still got it pretty close. The last image is the random sketching and painting I did in the last part of class.

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